Braintree PLUS

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One module enables the most important payment methods for your shop. PayPal, Credit Card, PayPal Credit and Apple Pay – Your customer decides how to pay! Braintree vault: Returning visitors don't need to enter Credit Card or PayPal details again!

Prestashop Version

  • Schnelle und sichere Zahlung Schnelle und sichere Zahlung
  • Download direkt nach Bezahlung verfügbar Download direkt nach Bezahlung verfügbar
  • Schneller und unkomplizierter Support Schneller und unkomplizierter Support
All payments will be shown in the PrestaShop backend. Additionally, the transactions are also available in your Braintree account.
For every payment, your money will be transferred to your Braintree account immediately.
  • Credit Card, PayPal, PayPal Credit and Apple Pay in one module
  • Payment methods can be stored by making use of Braintree’s tokenization technology (Braintree Vault). No data will be stored in your shop or on your servers. You will experience a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate as returning customers do not need to enter Credit Card or PayPal details again!
  • One integration, one partner: All payments are processed by Braintree
  • One module to provide Credit Card and PayPal in all markets. No additional Credit Card payment provider required!
  • PayPal Seller Protection for all PayPal payments
In order to use this module, you must open an account with Braintree.
Braintree does require that you have a SSL certificate installed.
  • Securely accept Credit Card payments
  • Securely accept PayPal payments
  • Securely accept PayPal Credit payments
  • Securely accept Apple Pay payments
  • Show PayPal Express Shortcut Button and PayPal Credit (Pay with PayPal) on Product Page, Mini Card and Shopping Card Page
  • Actual transaction status in your PrestaShop backend
  • Refunds for all payment methods via PrestaShop Backend
  • EU legal functionality: The module updates your template to fulfill Trusted Shops requirements: New Checkout Page "Review Order" "Order Completed".
  • You can define if the payment is completed on PayPal or the order-review page
  • Full support of Silbersaiten EU-Legal and Advanced EU Compliance Module
  • Compatible with Standard 1-Page checkout
  • Compatible with MultiShops
- Apple Pay is only available for the markets where the payment method is rolled out as of today.
Availability Apple Pay:
- To be able to use PayPal Credit, you need to sign up for this product on! PayPal Credit is not available for all markets! For PayPal Credit Germany, another product (PayPal Ratenzahlung) is required.
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